Custom Portfolio Management

At Baskin Wealth Management, we will customize your separately managed account to your unique needs for capital preservation, income, growth and liquidity, while also considering your tax situation. Investments will be chosen in accordance with our overall investment team approach. Your portfolio will be monitored regularly and adjusted as necessary by your personal portfolio manager who will keep you informed of key developments.

Our services are available to individuals (personally and through their holding companies) and their families, and to not-for-profit organizations. The minimum investment size for new accounts is $1 million, including related parties. Fees are charged based on the value of the account, measured monthly, and are scaled according to the size of the account. We do not take participation or profit-sharing based fees.

Your separately managed account will contain securities such as stocks, preferred shares, bonds and real estate investment trusts. These securities are owned and held directly by you at our preferred custodian, National Bank Correspondent Network.

Baskin Wealth Management does not take custody of your account. A custodian owned by a Canadian chartered bank holds your assets in a segregated account in your name.  You will receive trade confirmations and monthly statements for each account directly from the custodian.

Baskin Wealth Management will report directly to you on a quarterly basis with a detailed statement including an overview of your portfolio’s holdings and performance, a description of quarterly transactions, and a newsletter written by David Baskin and the portfolio management team.