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Written June 25, 2009 Over the past five years at least 15 million hectares of new farmland in Africa and Latin America have been acquired by countries such as China, India, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations.  This is equivalent to 25% of all the farmland in Europe.  Rich countries that are short on land […]

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The other day a client told me that she wanted to sell a good portion of her stock portfolio because Fall is coming and that is always a bad time for the market.  Certainly no one wants to relive what happened during the Fall of 2008 and I can’t fault someone for not wanting to […]

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Why is it that we are so pessimistic when the market is falling and so optimistic when it turns around has a nice recovery?  When the market starts to go down our first reaction is to find safety, all of a sudden we believe that risk levels have increased and we need to protect ourselves.  […]

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In the late 1950’s, subsidized U.S. farmers created a soybean oil surplus.  Tino De Angelis and his company Allied Crude Vegetable Oil, had a great idea.  Buy up the entire soybean oil surplus, which was used to make everything from salad dressing to paint, and ship the oil abroad using government aid programs.  To corner […]

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