Posted on June 22nd, 2015 by Baskin Administrator

June 22, 2015 On occasion, we’re asked why we don’t invest in the initial public offerings (IPOs) of stocks that receive much of the press coverage. Examples include social media businesses, such as Facebook or Twitter, or perhaps the alternative energy sector. While lofty valuations provide enough justification to look the other way (price-to-earnings multiples […]

Posted on June 1st, 2015 by Baskin Administrator

June 1, 2015 It’s hard not to get caught up in the daily news flow that drives the market higher one day, only to take back some or all of those same gains a mere day later. One day a Federal Reserve member might talk about an interest rate hike, causing equities to contract, and […]

Posted on May 22nd, 2015 by David Baskin

By: David Baskin May 22, 2015 Last weekend I had my first good sail of the year. Lake Ontario is still very cold and the wind off the water made me keep a wool hat on and my jacket zipped up. Out past the end of the Leslie Street spit I pretty much had the […]

Posted on May 18th, 2015 by Barry Schwartz

By Barry Schwartz Here are Barry Schwartz’s four prescriptions to ensure misery in investing. First, believe all the tried and tested adages such as “sell in May and go away”. To ensure misery I highly recommend that you stay true to your convictions that stock prices follow scientific patterns or trends that can be duplicated […]

Posted on April 29th, 2015 by David Baskin

David Baskin April 29, 2015 When TFSAs first came on the scene six years ago, I confess that we were under-impressed. At $5,000 it would take a long time for our clients to accumulate a meaningful amount inside a plan, and an even longer time to save any serious taxes. This month, things changed. By […]

Posted on April 20th, 2015 by Rob McDonald

Jeff Pollock April 20, 2015 The remarkable appreciation of the US dollar over the past twelve months has not gone unnoticed. Since April 2014, the global reserve currency has appreciated by almost 20 percent. As capital piles in to the greenback, at least three outcomes are likely to follow. If history is any guide, multiple […]